New Site Features

Today I have done some refining to the site, primarily a lot of neat little features. The one that is the neatest is on my about page. It shows a list of the most recently played iTunes songs. There is an application called Kung Tunes that parses your iTunes XML file for the appropriate information and formats it into whatever HTML you have described.

I had a little help from Todd Dominey in the form of a blog entry on his site that answered my question “how do I link directly into the iTunes music store?”. This is really a superfluous feature because a lot of the music that I listen to is not in the store yet. Other than that the application is fairly simple to understand. The developer has a good bit of documentation included, and a lot more on his blog.

I also spent some time with iTunes Catalog, this is a really cool sharaware app that will pull (rather accurately) song lyrics and cover art from the web. It is just a drag and drop into iTunes to get your very own cover art collection. It does seem to take up more drive space, but with the size and price of drives lately that is not a big deal. Definitely worth checking out if you use iTunes.

UPDATE: I also have gotten the shadows around the images working again. There were a few problems that I had to work around, including some really irritating problems with everyone’s favorite browser. I will be sorting out the display issues for that very same browser with the CSS over the next few days. I also have completly updated my corporate web-page, Innovative Aspects