Site CSS Updated

I have updated the CSS of this site so that it is LESS broken in the illustrious IE. Those of you that are using this browser, well first of all I urge you to upgrade (to a different browser) and experience the web as it is intended.

I chose the easiest way to fix the CSS. I meerly removed the ability for IE to see the attributes that were to advanced for it to understand. I did this by using the “!important” attribute at the end of the line. If this is used IE completly ignores the entire line and hopes to find instructions elsewhere, or it just does nothing. Nicely enough all Standards compliant browsers understand that a line with this attribute should over-ride any other properties for this element. After adding the “!important” attribute to the end of the styles that IE couldn’t cope with, I then inserted properties that IE could play nice with. It now works in IE, although it is somewhat bland. I guess that should be some encouragement to those poor soles who use IE intentionally to upgrade.