Auto Accidents and My Friends

I found out yesterday that my friend Chris has totaled his car last week. I can’t believe it! He is a really good driver and just seemed to have gotten himself into a situtation that he couldn’t drive himself out of. I haven’t gotten the whole story form him. But apparently he was getting off of the interstate in Tampa and he hit a large wet area in the roadway (on a dry night) and slid hitting the median which then launched him into the aur causing his car to roll.

He is not hurt, thankfully. Just out one very nice 2003 Honda CIVIC Si hatchback. He had just put some really sweet Tien coilovers on it and some style-ish and light 16″ rims. Anyway live and learn Chris. Maybe you will be as-good-of-a driver as I am. And besides now he can get a real car!

Also a supervisor at my work was rear-eneded while stopped in traffic 2 days ago. She is in some pain, but seemingly doing well. She was hit hard enough to total her Jeep Grand Cherokee. It pushed her Jeep into the Ford F-150 pickup infront of her and then that truck into the Cadillac in front of it. All the drivers deny hearing any skiding sounds.

Two friends with 2 totaled cars in a fairly short period of time. I hope the “things come in threes” thing doesn’t hold true here. Good thing is that everyone is ok.