The Discretion of a Commanding Voice

After my recent horrendous posting error earlier this week, (I would like to say thanks again to the person that had the directness to bring this to my attention) I have been reviewing all of the posts on this site for content. I am pleased to see that there is nothing else that I would not say publicly.

Also I have revamped many of the pages and the site now validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict. This is a fairly large jump for me. I have until recently only been writing in XHML 1.0 Transitional. There are quite a few differences, mainly in the errors that the language will allow. But there are also several benefits such as taking IE out of quirks mode. This will make some of the CSS easier to maintain. It does create some headaches in the form of irritation, like the fact that the “Strict” doc type does not allow the use of the “target” attribute that I have been using to open a new window for some links (like the one in the header to the Gallery).

I think that this is a good thing, especially since I have found that the audience is significantly larger than the few people in my family that I thought comprised my this site’s viewing audience. This will keep the page load speed time down to an absolute minimum while keeping the display as close to the intended experience as possible. For those of you poor soles that are using IE I would like to beg you to use something else so that you can see this site (and the rest of the internet) the way that most developers intend you to view it. Personally I am a devout Safari user, but it does have several problems: It is only available for Mac OS X, it does crash at inopportune times. However other than that I would recommend any of the Mozilla browsers that I pointed out above (Firefox Mozilla). They are all standards compliant and render almost all CSS completely accurately.

I would also like to restate what the Description of this blog is:

This site does have some fairly cutting edge CSS techniques used in it’s design that are not supported in all browsers (read: IE). It is not my intent to support all browsers here, this is a personal site. Anyone reading this that is still using one of these browsers I urge you to upgrade sothat you may fully experience the web as it should be.

Read on and enjoy, and as always feel free to post your comments.