All My Apps, are Belong to Us!

Here is a list of all the applications that I have on my Powerbook. Some come and go every day, but this is what I have as of 06-15-2004.

  • Acquisition

    A very slick looking P2P client running the Gnutella network that is only available
    for Mac OS X.

  • Adium

    A very cool multi-network Chat client (AIM, MSN, ICQ, and some others that I have never
    seen before).

  • Adobe Illustrator CS

    Everyone should know this one. I don’t really use it a whole lot except for print work.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS

    Again everyone should have heard of this one. I use this for almost all design work.

  • Art Directors Toolkit 3

    Some very useful color management applications.

  • Big Bang Chess

    A chess application that works across iChat. I prefer the real thing. There is nothing
    like the tactile feel of a nicely crafted chess piece.

  • BitTorrent

    A distributed download client (opensource).

  • Bryce 5

    A very nice 3D drawing application. It does it’s best with landscape stuff.

  • Calculator Updated

    Apple’s calculator, that I have updated using a tip found on MacOSX hints that allows
    it to run full graphing calculator functions.

  • Camino

    A nice and fast Mozilla based browser. Was my favorite prior to Firefox and Safari.

  • CanoScan Toolbox 4.1

    A suite of tools for my Canon scanner (N1240U).

  • CocoaMySQL

    A opensource application that provides a graphical interface on Mac OS X for administering
    MySQL databases.

  • CoolBackground

    Gives you the abaility to run screensavers as your desktop in Mac OS X.

  • Crm4Mac

    A Customer Relation Management tool that uses the i-Apps (Mail, Addressbook, and iCal)
    from Apple. I haven’t used this a whole lot, but it looks promising.

  • Documents To Go

    The desktop companion to the Palm Pilot application that allows you to view and edit Word,
    and Excel applications on your Palm.

  • DVDBackup 1.3

    Copies DVDs from the master to a standard 4.7Gb commerical one while removing extra
    audio and possibly downsampling some of the (audio and video) content.

  • Easy-PhotoPrint

    An application from Canon that makes for very easy printing of photos to my printer (Canon

  • Firefox

    A Mozilla based browser, stunning! Also for designers don’t miss the
    developer’s toolbar

  • Gimp

    The Gnu Image ManiPulator, an open source image manipulation application similar to

  • Go games

    A collection of apps to play the game of Go. Somewhat similar to chess in the fact that
    it is based on logical thinking and planning.

  • GraphicConverter

    Another image manipulation application. It has many of the powers of Photoshop but a
    few extra. I mainly use this to do batch file conversions (i.e. from PSD format to JPG

  • homeAudit

    A shareware application that will catalogue all of your earthly possessions.

  • Internet Explorer

    Almost ashamed to put this here, but it is necessary given the nature of web-design
    work. Thank you apple for fixing the automatic-default-to IE as your browser problem.

  • iScreensaverDesigner

    A neat application that allows you to build your own screen savers for Mac OS X.

  • iSiloX

    An application that will translate any format (text) file into the iSilo format for
    reading on you Palm based device.

  • iSpeak It

    Will use apple’s speach technology to convert a “.txt” or “.rtf” file to a spoken “.aac”

  • iTunes Catalog

    Allows you to easily find and assign artwork for iTunes. Has many other useful features
    like assigning album productuon dates.

  • iWork

    A client time tracking and billing application. I am not sure that I like it yet.

  • Keynote

    A simply stunning piece of presentation software. Amazing!

  • Kung-Tunes

    Exports your recenly played songs from iTunes to whatever template you have specified,
    usually HTML for publishing on the web.

  • MacJanitor

    Allows you to manually run maintance scripts from a GUI.

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004

    WYSIWYG web editing tool. Has a pretty good auto complete function for coding HTML and
    CSS, but can get funky for PHP and other stuff.

  • Macromedia Extension Manager

    Add 3rd party extentions into Dreamweaver.

  • Macromedia Flash MX 2004

    Develops Vector based content for web publishing. Not something I have done a lot with,
    but it is a very useful tool when used sparingly.

  • Microsoft Office X

    I hide my face in shame.

  • Missing Sync

    Allows you to sync your Sony CLIE with you Mac.

  • Mozilla

    The main release for this project. Very nice and standards compliant. Not quite as cutting
    edge as Safari, but more widely accepted because it is availble on Win and Mac and has
    been around for some time.

  • NetNewsReader Lite (considering upgrading to the pro version)

    An excellent RSS news reader for Mac OS X.

  • OmniGraffle

    An very slick graphing application.

  • OmniOutliner

    Very useful for organizing notes.

  • OmniWeb 4

    Kept around for development purposes, has a nice interface but backend is dated.

  • OmniWeb 5

    Base on Apple’s Webkit that also powers Safari. Their GUI is still in Beta but it has
    some great features that Safari does not.

  • pictohtml

    Converts images in “.jpg” format into a html table with background colors. Not very
    useful, but still cool to play with.

  • Pod2Go

    Converts files (i.e. html and RSS feeds) to “.txt” to take with you on your iPod.

  • QuickBooks

    I have it on my machine because it came with it. I have yet to learn how to use it but
    I have heard that it is really good for business use.

  • Quicken 2004 for Mac

    I don’t care for the interface, but it is the most widely accepted financial software.
    Irritating because it costs the same as the Win version that is several years ahead of
    the Mac version.

  • Snail Mail

    A plug-in for that prints US postal bar codes allong with “From” and “To” addresses
    on your envelopes.

  • Splash

    The desktop co-pilots to the Palm based applications. I mainly use the Splash-ID application
    to store and manage my passwords all 135 of them.

  • TerragenMac_v08_1

    3D artistic software. Not as fancy as Bryce or Vue d’ Esprit but creates just as nice

  • Thunderbird

    A Mozilla project e-Mail reader.

  • TrainingLogV2.0B9

    The only excercise tracking software for Mac OS X that will iterface and download from
    the Polar s720i heart rate monitors.

  • Transmit

    A nice GUI for FTP and SFTP.

  • Transparent Language Utilities

    Particularly the Italian edition. I am trying to learn it so that I don’t have to pay
    attention in the actual class.

  • VLC

    Video Lan Client: an opensource project for viewing “.avi, .asf, .wmv” file formats
    that quicktime will not play.

  • Vue d’Esprit

    3D drawing software primarily landscape design. IMHO this makes the most elegant looking

  • VueScan

    3rd party software that drives my scanner (n1240u).

  • Windows Media Player

    Another necessary evil in today’s technology landscape.

  • xScope

    Some excellent design tools, it includes a screen color sampler, a ruler that will overlay
    your screen, and several others.

  • Zinio

    A digital magazine reader.