Apple with another amazing music innovation!

AirPort Express

Well, the tech world is a-buzz about another apple innovation! And this time they have really impressed me. They have released the AirPort Express basestation. I am usually one of the first to adopt new technology, and this is no exception. I just cannot wait to get my hands on one of these.

What does it do?

It has an ethernet port, a USB port, and an audio out. It is a wireless print server, it is a wireless access point, it is an extension to your existing wireless network. But what is so unique about this is that with the audio out you can stream music using iTunes 4.6 from you computer to whichever AirPort Express base-station you want to send it to.

It is clean, simple, useful and most importantly as it is designed by apple it will work correctly right out of the box with little fuss. It will be released in late July and will cost $129. Arstechnica has already reviewed it.

It seems that even the stock analysts like it as apple stock yesterday rose $1.03, or 3.6%, to close at $29.81, and a year to date rise of 39% as compared to the Nasdaq average rise of 0.86% rise for the same period.