This Site, Other Sites, and Standards Compliance

Since this site recently became a considerably more publicly viewed entity, I have begun changing the way that I do some things here, and I stand firm in the way that I do others. I have moved my pictures over from the site that I had been using for more public works ( And I have revamped some other things here that will be transparent to almost everyone that has been visiting here for any amount of time. One of the thing that I would like to point out is my Gallery section. And of particular interest is my artwork section, and my EMS pictures.

Recently I stumbled across a neat plugin for Mac’s written by Stefan called Mail Appetizer. It pops up a translucent window that shows the sender (and their picture if you have it assigned), time the message was sent, and the first few (~200) words of your incoming message.

One thing that was refreshing to see on someone else’s site other that mine, was this disclaimer about IE support and CSS. I have included an image of it in this post for your enjoyment.

To delve into this a little more, I would like to point out my current disclaimer about this site.

This site does have some fairly cutting edge CSS techniques used in it’s design that are not supported in all browsers (read: IE). It is not my intent to support all browsers here, this is a personal site.
Anyone reading this that is still using one of these browsers I urge you to upgrade sothat you may fully experience the web as it should be.

This is a very nice luxury that developing this site only as a personal site affords me. I can choose to only support browsers that comply with standards. However, when doing any sort of commercial work this is almost never an option. I say almost because there are times when working on a corporate intranet that you only have to worry about one certain browser. Unfortunately more often than not that browser is That which must not be named. This is made a little more simple because you (designers) know what to expect from that browser and don’t have to worry about a hack that fixes a bug in one browser causing errors in another. A mixed blessing of sorts.