A Mishap in Training

Friday I went for my usual bike ride over by Northshore Pool. I had a great ride of around 20 miles. I held a great pace (for me) of 19.7mph. I felt absolutely great. So great in fact that after my ride while I was warming down I was screwing around on the bike trying to do wheelies… Needless to say after several (fairly successful) attempts I crashed. I just pulled a little to hard and then put a little too much power into the pedals and I went over backwards.

I knew that eventually I would crash, but that is not what is really getting at me. After I got up and checked to make sure I was all in one piece without any unusual new bends in my arms or legs. I checked my bike and everything, even the Derailleur
was intact. When I was packing all of my equipment back into my car I was, of corse, a little distracted. I neglected to pack my front wheel, which I must remove for the bike to fit into the car. I had made it about 3 minutes down the street when I realized the bike was there but the front wheel was missing. Two minutes later I was back in the parking lot. The 2 women that were packing their bikes into their cars when I left had gone, and so had my wheel.

I checked with the pool staff, they had not had anything turned in.

The irritating thing is that whoever would steal this probably has a bit of money. Last I checked Target’s bikes didn’t accept 650c wheels!