Creating Time

It’s been some time since I posted here. I have been absolutely swamped with design work lately. I have released one of these projects to the wild. It can be found at RSVP Mobile I am very please with the design, but like all projects I could just keep tinkering with it for weeks on end. This is why deadlines can be a good thing. I still have 2 projects waiting for completion of the copy from the clients, and another that is just beginning. This is amazing!

I have an article that I am working on about search engines. It should have been done weeks ago, but client work comes first. Honestly, I cannot figgure out how some of these bigname people find time to post as much and as frequently as they do.

Honestly, to post a few hundred words here takes about 40 minutes. Thats 5 minutes to brainstorm and plan it out; 15-25 to type it out (and I type 60-70wpm !); and 5-10 minutes to error check and spell check it. That’s a lot of time that i prefer to spend tinkering with client work or training for triathlons. There are only so many hours in the day and I never seem to have enough. I plan out my day and prioritize all of my projects to-do lists, but some things just completely blow my time-line.

Anyway, I am looking forward to posting (when it is done) some of the stuff that I am working on right now. One site is a very fun to do site. The client has a lot of the same interests and seems to like the desings that I do. This just makes the design process so much smoother and faster.