The Fourth Decade

Yesterday I have begun my transgression into my 4th decade on this planet.

I am fairly proud of many of my accomplishments over the years, and I am also frustrated at the disappointments at the same time. But regardless, what it comes down to is we are what we do repeatedly. And repeatedly I try to do everything that I am capable of.

Sunday I had a bit of a personal celebration by competing in the 2nd Cleremont Sommer Sports Triathlon. It was nowhere near a PR as I had done little to prepare over the past few months. I did it mainly to show myself that while I may be getting older, I am not old! Honestly I don’t feel any different that I did when I was 18. I do feel that I have grown quite a lot as a person. I try to learn something new every day, and I try to appreciate everyone for their differences every day. But I can still do what I was able to do when I was 18 and I am still the same person (IMHO).

Check out the results, or go directly to my time. I hope to write a little bit about this race sometime this week. It was very well organized and a great experience.

If anyone is feeling so inclined here is My Amazon Wish list. ;-)