Good Luck Phil

On September 3rd at 07:30 the illustrious Phil Mahan finished his last shift at Sunstar EMS. For those that have had the privilege of working with or for Phil you will know that his level of dedication is completely unrivaled.

For the past year I have had the privilege of working under Phil’s direction. He helped me to grow both as a supervisor and as a person. Phil helped foster in me a heightened sense of priority and sensitivity to the priorities of those that rely on my performance. I learned b y observing Phil’s work habits what dedication can do to both their own productivity and the productivity and moral of the entire organization.

The last thing I said to Phil as I completed my last shift with him was “Thank you.” I meant that, Thank you Phil Mahan, for everything. Sunstar has lost a valuable asset. Your will be missed for a long time & your legend will continue long beyond that.

Good luck Phil!