I have fixed the comment problems that have been plaguing this site for some time now. I have just been plain lazy about it. As lazy as you can consider someone with my schedule!

There is no preview, and it still takes a while to post. But there are no funky errors, or misleading pages.

Phishing is on the Rise

Tonight I received an email from someone that owns the IP address of that read as follows.

Dear Citibank Customer,

When signing on to Citibank Online, you or somebody else have made several login attempts and reached your daily attempt limit. As an additional security measure your access to Online Banking has been limited. This Web security measure does not affect your access to phone banking or ATM banking.

Please sign on and verify your information here. You will be able to attempt signing on to Citibank Online within twenty-four hours after you verify your information. (You do not have to change your Password at this time.)

Citibank Online Customer Service

Please note that the “here” link has been altered from it’s original destination. The thing that initially tipped me off is that this message was sent to an address that I have never given to Citibank.

Public service announcement: Like you have read everywhere else, use several heavy doses of skepticism when you receive any correspondence from your favored credit institutions.

A Quote From a Field Crew

While on a call yesterday with a crew I heard one of them say one of those things that you may only hear while working in EMS.

In reference to someone’s skin condition, “Man, that looks like quiche!”

This was followed by the sounds of retching emanating from one of the other EMT’s on the call.

No Politicts for James

I have never been all that involved in politics. I do have my opinions, but most people are soooo passionate about their political stance, and party affiliation I usually stay away from the subject all together.

I have to agree with the stance that there are two parties, one with bad ideas and one with no ideas. Anyway getting to the point… I saw the newest JibJab cartoon(?) the other day and I thought this was really funny.

eat s**t