101 Posts and Going Strong

101 posts to my blog

I began blogging at the end of last year using a home-grown (written by me) PHP/MySQL based application. At that time, I just wanted to get some stuff out there that I had to say and show off some of the pictures that I had taken of some cool EMS calls. It was mainly for a few friends and family. Now I have reached several hundred unique visitors per month. This has caused me to re-think what I post, as well as how I say things. However, I remain (mostly) uncensored.

Some of my visitors I know and many of whom I may never meet. Either way I am glad that I can provide some level of a unique outlook, amusement, entertainment or just plain boredom. Regardless, thanks to everyone that comes here for whatever reason. And spread the word if you like what you find here.

Last months stats:

Oct 2004
567		Unique visitors
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22,082		Hits
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