Bad Religion & a Ph.D. Dissertation

TESF Album Cover

Greg Graffin (singer) of Bad Religion posted his Ph.D. dissertation online ( Makes for some very interesting reading. The premise is that evolutionary biologists (scientists) cannot (do not) believe in traditional religions because of their science. There is a lot more to it than that, but for the interest of brevity… thats it.

On a side note I saw Bad Religion about 2 weeks ago at Janus Landings in St. Petersburg. Damn was it a great show! Tons of energy, and the great music of Bad Religion. The opening bands were great, and the entire show rocked. I have listened to them for many years, but have not managed to see them play, until now. I can’t wait to see them again.

The really amusing thing that my brother and I noticed is that while Bad Religion has been playing for around 24 years, the audience has remained the same age group.

Personal: I have also decided that I will try to make it to more live shows to support the artists that I like. Also I will make every effort to buy the CD’s directly from them (direct website) so they get a little larger cut of the margins. I know that Wal*Mart will be selling all their CDs at ~$10 but I don’t want to support that corporate machine either. Just trying to do my part.