Comments & Jerks

I have been victemized! I have been violated! Comment Spam has filled my website this morning. These people should be drawn & quartered!

I have had this website running for around 11 months now and have managed to get by without running blacklist or anything similar to that. It’s a shame that my site that gets only around 2,000 hits a month is targeted by these jerks. It waists my time and theirs because the comments aren’t even up for more than a few hours before I pull them. The odds of Google catching them are slim to none.

I will still be leaving comments open for most of my posts, with the caveat that I will still be closing all comments (as usual) after 21 days. I may be shortenting that if this keeps up. And I will be running MTBlacklist beginning today.

UPDATE: I have had an additional 10 incidents of comment Spam before I could get MTBlacklist up and running. This is very irritating!