My Canon EOS (300d) Digital Rebel

Canon EOS 300d Digital Rebel

I have been looking for a good reason to take the next step and get a “real” digital camera. Several good excuses have come and gone, but a project has come up that will require several hundred (if not more) photos. After scrutinizing the available selections I have decided to go with the Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel. Several prominent web designers use it, as well as several friends (thanks for your input).

Digital Cameras Side-by-Side, 3 cameras: Digital Photography Review. And DP Review’s stance on the camera : The EOS 300D. I searched through C-Net for the Digital Rebel so that I could get a feel for the majority of the reviews and a quick comparison on the prices.

In my research, I found the website Reseller It is an excellent customer review site. All of the companies that I considered buying from were on there, and it saved me quite a large headache. So many sites are very professional looking but don’t even come close backing it up according to the ratings on this site.

Looking all over the net for some great deals, I found some not nice companies. And I finally went throught C-Net’s price comparison site and found Butterfly Photo who had the 300D for $798 with a $100 dollar mail in rebate deal. They had excellent reviews and met that mark through my experience. Barring a small snag in the order I had the camera exactly as expected and at the advertised price. There were no supprises, no grey market crap just the camera in a nice new box. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a camera to use they were excellent to do business with.

More good deals:
17th St Photo had the battery pack / grip for $94 and a nice (semi hard) case for $59 for the new camera. Thanks Kim P for the referal to SterlingTek for the excellent deal on the extra battery for the Canon EOS 300D ($11)! I went with the 1GB Compact flash card also. I found the best deal on a CF card through NewEggComputing, they had the 1GB 80x CF card in stock for $119.

And to be added to my arsenal at a later date the Quantaray 28-300mm F3.8-6.3 Autofocus Lens for Canon.

With this new tool (read: toy) I will be adding a new feature to this site, a daily photo. There have been quite a few requests for more frequent postings here, but as my time has been very limited lately due to business and work with a quick dash of personal life in there I have a hard time meeting my current posting schedule of at least 2 per week. I think that one photo per day will be easy to do, especially with already >400 photos that I have taken with it!