God's Lawyer?

Slashdot has a discussion about the increasing problems with having computers in cars. (Slashdot | If The Problem Persists, Reboot The Car). Normally this would just go into the liked articles bit but I thought that this was too funny to pass up.

So an engineer is driving along when her car skids off a bridge and she plunges to an untimely demise. Immediately upon passing, the engineer sinks to hell.

After spending a very short time in hell, the engineer figures out several ways to make life more comfortable and presents them to Satan. Satan is very impressed having not met very many engineers previously, and within weeks he has overseen the installation of air conditioners, escalators, and wi-fi.

Next week at God and Satans regular golf game, Satan brags about how life in hell is getting very comfortable, like an underworld country club. God is visibly perturbed by this: “What? Where did you get an Engineer? There must be some mistake.”

They check the records and sure enough the Engineer was supposed to go to heaven, but was diverted by a clerical error.

So God says “Give me back my engineer or I’ll sue!”

To which Satan responds “And just where are you going to find a lawyer?”