I'm back Bitch!

After more than a month off and more personal stuff than I care to get into. I have finally:

  • Made some of the most difficult and significant personal decisions that I have ever made.
  • And begun to re-orchestrate my life from how it has felt recently.
  • Finished switching over to my new server, and damn is it fast!
  • Corrected some of the display errors that have been plaguing this site.
  • Changed the root page to something a little more me. Rather than the overly busy home page. A site redesign is in the works (again!).
  • Upgraded the Gallery installation.
  • Begun to learn some of Ruby and Rails, it is really cool once you get it installed and running correctly.
  • Saw GWAR
  • Through a current project; learned quite a bit about e-commerce applications and systems (more than really I wanted to.)
  • Taken some really cool photographs (that will show up here shortly).
  • Went to Gasparilla!

So, in summary:
I’m back! more content than before, a little riled up, and hopefully some really cool shit to post here!