New Orleans for the Weekend

Well I am off to (already in) NO town for the weekend. And I leave you with this quote:

“It is no coincidence that in no known language does the phrase ‘As pretty as an Airport’ appear.”
Douglas Adams

Cafe au lait

I’ll probably not be posting a whole lot this weekend, but look for some cool photos to come later on this week.

Links on 4-22-2005

I have amassed a huge list of links since the changes to this website and well without further adue:

The Bonefish Grill

I talked briefly about some things that I wanted to add to this site. Well here is one of them. I had done one review in the past year and I want to expand on that. Every Monday I will try to publish a short review about something new, interesting or just unique. Working as a paramedic I have the opportunity to eat at anywhere in the entire county. Sometime this really sux, but most of the time it leads to some great experiences that I never would have gotten around to had I not wound up in some odd place because of whatever chain of events had lead me to the point in my day that I decide on lunch.

That being said I thought that I would start off this little review section by reviewing one of my favorite local restaurants. The Bonefish Grill

While there last Tuesday evening I enjoyed some of their specialties and Chef’s specials. They make and excellent (my favorite anyway) dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives.

The food: They specialize in fish, as you can tell by their moniker. Everything is excellent. I have not had a bad experience with either the food or the service ever! They have several things that make their experience unique. One is taht they have a list of several types of fish that they stock fresh every day that you can pair with any one of their sauces and your choice of side. Personally I prefer the lemon butter sauce. Anyway they have several chef’s specials that they change every few days. These are always amazing. For example the other day they had a Monkfish wrapped in prosciutto and covered in a mushroom and white wine sauce.

I strongly recommend The Bonefish Grill to anyone looking for a nice dining experience.

Average cost: $13 – $23 / plate + drinks and appetizer. Usually $35 / person with (adult) drinks.

Note: I forgot to mention the excellent “Bang Bang Shrimp”. Gotta try them!

FeedMap and My Conclusions

After finding out about FeedMap from Scoble I entered my data and found this map of the local bloggers. At first I was a little dismayed, but I soon realized a couple of things:

This site only seems to map (by default anyway) MSN spaces blogs. It seems that anyone else must manually enter their data.

And that the bloggers in the Tampa Bay area just aren’t that active.

Regardless, go check out the NeighBlogMap of your area, you may be surprised.