April Fools Humor

Every body has to get in a little on the April Fools humor stuff. Doug Bowman of Stopdesign has been kind of the front-runner in this little game as far as the web-design / blogging community goes, and this year is no exception.

Anyway, of course I had to get my little stick in here. Anyone who has visited my home page on April 1st (or 2nd… oops…) got to see my little (somewhat dry) bit of humor.

The page is imortalized here, or jpg’s – normal &the visual effect. And as usual all flavors of IE missed out on some cool features of the CSS that powered this.

Jason Kottke pointed out a similar prankster. Although they did a little more work on there’s.

And here is a little roundup of the better April Fool’s humor this year.