Google Maps and How I Overestimate Society

So much of technology and the web in general I take for granted. Especially when something new comes out and it get blogged to death. Like Google’s new mapping and satellite imagery.

After a conversation the other night while eating dinner at The Bonefish Grill I realized that many people have not even tried out Google Maps. I was a little surprised to find this out. The people that I was talking to about this were what I would consider the average web users. They were savy about how to get around the web and seemed to have integrated it into their everyday lives and yet had no knowledge of Google Maps.

Anyway getting to my point… Google offers mapping and navigational services that rival everyone else out here on the net. And last week they began a satellite view option instead of the basic outline maps that we are all familiar with.

And you can see some interesting stuff like this.

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