The Bonefish Grill

I talked briefly about some things that I wanted to add to this site. Well here is one of them. I had done one review in the past year and I want to expand on that. Every Monday I will try to publish a short review about something new, interesting or just unique. Working as a paramedic I have the opportunity to eat at anywhere in the entire county. Sometime this really sux, but most of the time it leads to some great experiences that I never would have gotten around to had I not wound up in some odd place because of whatever chain of events had lead me to the point in my day that I decide on lunch.

That being said I thought that I would start off this little review section by reviewing one of my favorite local restaurants. The Bonefish Grill

While there last Tuesday evening I enjoyed some of their specialties and Chef’s specials. They make and excellent (my favorite anyway) dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives.

The food: They specialize in fish, as you can tell by their moniker. Everything is excellent. I have not had a bad experience with either the food or the service ever! They have several things that make their experience unique. One is taht they have a list of several types of fish that they stock fresh every day that you can pair with any one of their sauces and your choice of side. Personally I prefer the lemon butter sauce. Anyway they have several chef’s specials that they change every few days. These are always amazing. For example the other day they had a Monkfish wrapped in prosciutto and covered in a mushroom and white wine sauce.

I strongly recommend The Bonefish Grill to anyone looking for a nice dining experience.

Average cost: $13 – $23 / plate + drinks and appetizer. Usually $35 / person with (adult) drinks.

Note: I forgot to mention the excellent “Bang Bang Shrimp”. Gotta try them!