Girl Power Triathlon

As I start to gear up for my triathlon season this summer you will see me writing a lot more here, as was the case last year, about triathlon and fitness in general.

I frequently am asked if there are shorted “female only” triathlons. There are several great series that are put on my Danskin and Reebok that I know women who have competed in and highly reccomend these races. I came across this in an email the other day and thought I would post it here.

These races are (from what I hear) great for women that want to just do a triathlon without the competitiveness that sometimes gets infused into the sport.

Reebok Women’s Triathlons

Danskin Women’s Triathlons

GirlPower Triathlon Series Race #1

300m pool swim – 8 mile bike
2 mile run

Aimed at introducing women of all ages to the sport of triathlon, the GirlPower Triathlon is designed to be a non-intimidating, non-competitive fun environment fostering fun, fitness, and friendship. Remember, the GirlPower Triathlon field will cap at 700 participants.

You Go Girl!

Current Price: $35