Tri Schedule for 2005

I started on this quite some time ago, & didn’t get around to posting it—oops.

Like I mentioned about getting geared up for this racing season, I have put together an iCal of my races this year. Not that anyone is all that interested in the races that I will be doing, but it is a good list of some of the excellent short course races this summer that I am attending in Central Florida this summer. It can be grabbed here.

And like any good web-developer / geek I have created a (X & D)HTML version of my training schedule. I have broken it down into a “base” schedule and then the following 8 weeks of training that lead up to my first race of the season. in a few weeks I will post the second and third sections of my training this summer. I hope this is usefull to someone – anyone. Drop me a line if you have any questions about this stuff.
2005 training schedule source.