Good Luck NOLA, You'll Need It

I’m sitting here right now while I should be getting ready to go out to dinner thinking about what has happened to the city that I grew up in, New Orleans, Louisiana. I am, to say the last, quite disturbed. I have been looking at the pictures all over the web of the damage and destruction that Katrina caused. It is being referred to as the worst national disaster… ever. Insurance claims are expected to top $26billion. To put it in comparison Andrew only hit $21billion in claims.

I just got word from my mom that the entire city of New Orleans and it’s surrounding areas is, not only under martial law, but is being shut down. All residents will be allowed to return in 1 week ONLY to get personal effects. After that they will not be allowed to return for at least one month.

One of the things that is really hitting me hard is that all of the images are places that I have been, or seen, or frequented. And none of them will ever be even remotely the same. I have to say that like I mentioned the other day, my thoughts are going out to people that I haven’t spoken to in 10 years or more. I hope everyone is safe, I hope everyone got out in time.

While on the phone earlier I asked the question, Ã’I wonder if they will even bother rebuilding the city?Ó I hope they do, it would be a shame to loose all of the culture that is New Orleans. I just have to look at it from a cost perspective. With tens-of-thousands (for the next month millions) permanently homeless and the entire city with water damage, I have to say, it doesn’t look good. NOLA is one of the most amazing places, it has so many things that no-where else has and a unique attitude and lifestyle. I can’t bear the thought that this hurricane may have killed that amazing city.

If anyone that I grew up with in New Orleans reads this feel free to drop me a line, I would like to know how you are doing after Katrina.

Good luck to everyone who’s life this disaster has touched, you all will need it.