Katrina assistance – a Call to Arms

Jason Kottke is blogging that Amazon has decided not to add a donation mechanism to their site for hurricane Katrina.

Pardon me, but that is fucked up! Come on people, WTF? Seriously this can and will impact our entire nation. I mean really… they put up a link for the tsunami disaster relief, but not for this?

Overall it seems that the web has been a little slow up the uptake with this one. When the tsunami hit it was hours into it when links started showing up for donations to the Red Cross. Lets get things moving!

Click here to find an excellent, comprehensive list of Hurricane Katrina charities here.
Please donate to some charity somewhere.

Update: Amazon has a donation link that points here, thanks Jason for getting the attention to this.

Note: Apple also has a link from the iTunes music store for Huricane Katrina relief donations.