Unusual Starbucks Employees

The other day while working on the road as a Paramedic I wandered into a Starbucks that I don’t typically frequent. I ordered my usual 3 shots over ice with 3 splenda. The subsequent conversation went something like this

Me: “I’ll have 3 shots over ice with 3 Splenda”
Barista: “what’s that?”
Me: “espresso”
Barista: “oh, 2 shots of espresso (grabs a paper cup)”
Me: “no; 3 shots, over ice”
Barista: “ok, 3 shots over ice with sweet & low”
Me: “no, Splenda”
Barista: “oh, with 2 Splenda”
Me: “no, 3 please”
Barista: “I got it, 3 shots with 3 splenda. Sorry about that.”

Me: “Can I also get 4 of the tea cookies? (bad idea)”
Barista: “ok which one?”
Me: “the tea cookies”
Barista: “ok, which flavor?”
Me: “one of each”
Barista: “oh… which ones?”
Me: “it’s 4 for $1.70, right? there are 4 flovors. One of each please.”
(laughs) oh, I got it.

I go off to the bathroom
I come back and the barista @ the register says, “Oh, that was his coffee.”
The other barista apologizes and asks what I ordered. (oh, crap not again) 3 shots over ice with 3 Splenda. Ok, here you go. (relief)