My Motorola L7 SLVR

I had been drooling over this phone for about 4 months now since I saw it on phone scoop. I got one about 2 weeks ago and this AM I saw an article on MacNN that said Cingular would be releasing the L7 with iTunes. It sux that the version that I have does not have either a headphone jack or iTunes. I speculate that not having one would preclude you from the other.Motorola L7

Anyway, I picked up mine on eBay through moe9918 for $250 about $50 less than anyone else was asking. He / She has ones for the same price with SD cards and headsets now, oh well.

I do have a couple of gripes about the phone, but overall it is an excellent phone.

The biggest problem that I had was configuring MMS (picture) messaging. T-Mobile‘s tech service was exceptional with helping me get this phone setup. This is not only a phone that they do not sell, but it is a very new phone and they fixed me up in about 30 minutes. The only reason that it took so long was because I had to get to level3 tech support.

Web Color Experimentation

This is nothing fancy, but it was built out of necessity. I am working on a web project with the illustrious Ken Lemieux. He is doing the identity package for this company and I am doing the web design. He asked me if I knew of any pages that allowed a visitor to enter color values so that they could simulate what it would look like on a web-page. I didn’t know of any so I threw together something with a few dashes of PHP and here we go.

It is neither full featured of complete, but it is a tool that I feel others could use. And with that, I unleash it upon the world. Let me know what you think.

The JZ – Color Tester

Open Wireless

This place that I enjoy going (will remain nameless because of the nature of this article) has open wireless point. Now, it is open intentionally, however, everything is open; the access-point, the router admin… you get it.

Now I am not a black hat, white hat, or even a hat wearer of any-kind, but I brought this to the attention of the person that has legit access to the router’s admin panel some weeks ago and they didn’t do anything about it. So here I sit; having just typed in the default password into the router and I am staring at the admin panel wondering and just thinking about what to do.

Anyway, I changed the SSID to something a little more appropriate for this store. I hope this person locks down the router’s admin panel — for their own good.