AOL Data Splunked

Last week there was this big thing about AOL releasing 650,000 user’s search query data or roughly 20 million queries. Now that is disturbing, but it doesn’t really break any confidentiality laws because they didn’t give away anyone’s identity. But what really gets the goat (so to speak; is user 927’s search data or user 17556639 who is obviously planning to kill his wife) is the search topics of some users. These can be viewed using a nicely parsed html interface available over at Splunked.

Oh, BTW don’t try to view it using Safari or any derivative, Splunked only likes IE and Firefox.

Secret Salaries

Over at “positivesharing” there is an article titled “Why secret salaries are a baaaaaad idea“. i have worked in several environments where discussing your salary is a terminable offense. I never really understood this mentality. The way most people, myself included, look at this is that if I am formally prohibited from discussing something that is my personal business with anyone that I would want to than there must be something wrong with that topic. I can understand the situation it is some sort of corporate internal or trade secret, but seriously. Unless there is some sort of favoritism, or just generally unfair payment practices in place, I don’t see the reason.

Anyway you look at the secret salry topic, this is a good read; check it out.

Why secret salaries are a baaaaaad idea

Footnote: Don’t ask me what I make; I can’t tell you. LOL