Omniweb, my new favorite browser

I just stated using Omniweb 5.5 yesterday.

I have to say it is a very nice experience! it is very stable, offers rendering that is exactly the same as Safari, an excellent interface with the best (and unique) application of tabs, ok it’s more like thumbnails, that I have ever seen. And many other very useful and unique features, like automatically saving your current browsing session so that if you quit Omniweb you can come right back to where you left off. It has add-blocking built in. And you can set site specific preferences, so if you like to view a certain website with large text, or only allow certain javascript functions, or have the browser identify itself to a certain website as some other web browser like IE, Firefox, or just Safari.

The one annoyance that I have come across is the there is no apparent way to subscribe to RSS feeds using anything other than Omniweb’s built in RSS reader, which is very nice in itself.

I know Firefox has a ton of extensions and a bunch of themes, but personally I just can’t get past the kind of gritty feel that Firefox has at times. It definitely has it’s use for me (especially the web developer toolbar, which I almost can’t live without), but for now Firefox is kind of a very close second place.

Normally Omniweb costs $29.95, but for the month of November it is on sale for only $9.95! Or you can give it a test drive and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Oh, but unless you’re on some version of Mac OS X you’re SOL.