UCLA Student Gets Tasered

This has been floating around the internet for about a 4 days now (CNN link), and especially on social sites like Digg (Digg [front page only] search). So the story goes that a student was in their ‟Powell Center“, which I guess is some sort of study hall, and, when confronted by campus police, was unable to provide proper identification; so they tased (sp?) him… German SS anyone? The kid in question can clearly be heard saying that he was willing to leave the property because he knew that he didn’t have proper ID on himself, but the officer tased away for several more minutes. Yes, there are times when an officer has the responsibility to tase a person that will not submit to their authority, but come on… this is a little out of hand guys.

Go check out the articles and video; it’s a little troubling to watch for some people though.