Healing and Reconditioning

Thank you all.

I don’t know how to say it vehemently enough to convey how appreciative I am of everyone’s support through this past week. So many people have been so nice. 

I am doing much better overall. The eye is almost better; give it a few more days and I’ll be all healed up. 

Please spread the word out there and look out for one anther. If things seem out of sorts where you are or something just doesn’t fit, get out of there.

I was mugged and beaten in downtown St Petersburg Monday night

No, I’m not kidding. Last night after leaving the Independent Bar with a friend we were standing near our cars talking when a group of 8 hoodlums on bikes surrounded us and beat me and robbed both of us.

They took all of the usual stuff; wallet, phone, keys … But they took my bag with most of my camera gear.

None of this is covered by my auto or homeowner’s insurance.

Over the years everyone has come to know and enjoy my photography. So many of you out there have used my photos as you profile pictures and more.

I’m asking a favor from everyone out there that has used and enjoyed my pictures to please help me out now.

Through my website aftertheHOURS.com I sell prints of all the photos that I’ve taken. Please help me by buying a print … or four. Or if you’re feeling especially generous you can donate to [email protected] via PayPal.com

Please be careful … if it happened to me it can happen to anyone.

Thank you everyone,
TheJames [not-the fotografr right now]

The beatdown James