Garment District 813 Fashion Show

This past Saturday I shot the Garment District 813 fashion show at the Tampa Armature for Creative Loafing. The show consisted of Ben Chmura?s first Resort Collection: Lamia?s Wrath; and Raven Reda’s new collection: Coup D?etat. It was a great show, albeit amazingly hot in the Armature building. Overall some really inspiring fashion designs and many beautiful models in a very unique setting but also one hell of a day to have some of my gear malfunction on me!

I’m not exactly sure what went wrong with the focus mechanism but 8/10 of my shots were garbage. They were just slightly out of focus and the exposure was all over the board, plenty enough to make them unusable… I’m not in the habbit of chimping while I’m shooting if the lighting conditions aren’t changing. So needless to say it was of the most disappointing things that I can imagine discovering after an evening of shooting. Thankfully I was shooting with two cameras so I still got some good shots!

Read the coverage of the event over at the Creative Loafing Blog or look for it in this week’s print.

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