Jimmy Buffett @ The Ford Amphitheater

20,000’ish Parrot Heads, 12 minutes, 3 songs… When I showed up at the Amphitheater all I kept thinking was, “damn, that’s a lot of people”. When I walked into the venue to photo the allotted 3 songs, all I kept thinking was, “no? THAT is a lot of people!”

I’d never been to the Amphitheater before so my surprise at the size of the venue and crowd was kinda understandable. However, what I should have been better prepared for was the amount of costuming that Buffett fans bring out. The sheer number of shirts with floral patterns and “Florida’ish” paraphernalia was staggering. I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so many people drinking Corona© in one place. Some of the people had been there “tailgating” for the show most of the day!

Anyway? on to the photos. You can read a review of the show at Creative Loafing’s blog.

More photos after the jump, and the full set is available here.