grep -a james-stuff /www

Well, not “just like that”. It’s been a whole lot of work, much more than I initially expected, but I’ve managed to consolidate my photography website (AfterTheHOURS) and my personal website to this domain. It’s been a lot of sorting categories and editing posts, mostly fixing the links to images. There are some broken things and some missing images, oh well (also, I’ve deleted my Flickr account so that explains some broken images).

I wish that I could say that I wrote some fancy script that fixed everything but in the end, because of how WP holds the content in its database, it required editing a whole lot of posts .

My thoughts behind this move concentrate primarily around making it a lot more simple to describe to people what it is that I do, and secondly, make it more simple for me to manage content, e.g.: actually post something to the web.