is an online speed reading application that I came across a few weeks ago. It is a really neat flash application that you paste some text into and the will scroll the words across the screen at whatever rate you set. I have always been frustrated by how slowly I read but I was pleasantly surprised by how fast I could comfortably cruise through text in this format (about 600wpm!). I have no idea if this is comparatively fast, but it seemed like quite a feat for me.

Side Note: Anybody looking for a good speed-reading course I have heard good things about Photoreading. It’s pricey, but you get a discount throught the site that I have linked to.

spreeder.com – online speed reading application

2006 Tour de France : a Start with Scandal

As many people’s free time gets consumed by the greatest bicycle race, controversy overshadows the sport.

It has already been reported many places, a phenomenal number of riders have been banned from this year’s TDF due to a Spanish report titled “Operación Puerto”. Below is a complete list of the riders under investigation for what in the professional cycling world is referred to as “doping”. The wikipedia describes doping as “the use of performance-enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids”.

Some people may remember that Lance Armstrong was just recently cleared of doping allegations from a 1999 investigation! So needless to say it is not a fact that these riders are guilty of doping, just that they are under investigation and thus ineligible to race in this year’s TDF.

So pick your favorites and enjoy this year’s “Le Tour de France” on OLN with complete live and later in the day enhanced coverage.

Read the full story here » VeloNews: 2006 Tour de France Special Coverage

The following riders were named in the ongoing Operación Puerto doping case by Spanish investigators on Thursday


  • Michele Scarponi (I)
  • Marcos Antonio Serrano (Sp)
  • David Etxebarria (Sp)
  • Joseba Beloki (Sp)
  • Angel Vicioso (Sp)
  • Isidro Nozal (Sp)
  • Unai Osa (Sp)
  • Jaksche Joorg (G)
  • Giampaolo Caruso (I)


  • Ivan Basso (I)

Caisse D’Epargne-Iles Baleares

  • Constantino Zaballa (Sp)

Saunier Duval

  • Carlos Zarate (Sp)


  • Francisco Mancebo (Sp)


  • Jan Ullrich (G)
  • Oscar Sevilla (Sp)


  • Jose Enrique Gutierrez (Sp)
  • Jose Ignacio Gutierrez (Sp)

Communidad de Valencia

  • Vicente Ballester (Sp)
  • David Bernabeu (Sp)
  • David Rodriguez (Sp)
  • Jose Adrian Bonilla (Sp)
  • Juan Gomis Lopez (Sp)
  • Eladio Jimenez Sanchez (Sp)
  • David Latasa (Sp)
  • Ruben Plaza (Sp)
  • Jose Luis Martinez (Sp)
  • Manuel Llorent (Sp)
  • Antonio Olmo (Sp)
  • David Munoz (Sp)
  • Javier Cherro (Sp)
  • Javier Pascual (Sp)former rider and now an official


  • Carlos Garcia Quesada (Sp)

Riders retired or suspended for doping

  • Roberto Heras (Sp)
  • Angel Casero (Sp)
  • Santiago Perez (Sp)
  • Tyler Hamilton (USA)
  • Igor Gonzalez Galdeano (Sp)

insane NYC bike race – Google Video

Bicycling is one of my first passions. I remember I was a teenager and I had my first 10 speed, I would go out riding for hours on end putting hundreds of miles on my bike. And then in my early 20’s I began doing triathlons and again putting thousands of miles on my Cannondale. When I saw this video on Google video today, it reminded me of the feeling of freedom that first drew into the world of bicycling.

insane NYC bike race – Google Video

iTunes Plugin : CoverFlow

I was reading this article on MacDevCenter about tweaking iTunes and they pointed to possibly one of the coolest music plug-ins for iTunes.

CoverFlow is completely amazing. The video on their home-page is exactly what it does, and it does it beautifully!

As their site says:

Don’t know about you, but I find browsing a list of album names somewhat uninspiring, to say the least. One of the big attractions of a physical album is the beautiful packaging and aesthetic appeal, something that’s sorely missed with the digital equivalent.

CoverFlow aims to bring that aesthetic appeal to your mp3 collection. It allows you to browse your albums complete with beautiful artwork pulled from any sources it can find, whether that’s buried in your song tags, collected via Synergy, or looked up on Amazon.

CoverFlow is far better seen than described, so you might like to take a look at it in motion:

And just so you don’t get too excited about it before it’s time: Mac OS-X 10.4 or higher only.