insane NYC bike race – Google Video

Bicycling is one of my first passions. I remember I was a teenager and I had my first 10 speed, I would go out riding for hours on end putting hundreds of miles on my bike. And then in my early 20’s I began doing triathlons and again putting thousands of miles on my Cannondale. When I saw this video on Google video today, it reminded me of the feeling of freedom that first drew into the world of bicycling.

insane NYC bike race – Google Video

Top Gun Triathlon Results 2005

A few weeks ago I did the Top Gun Triathlon @ Ft. Desoto. It was my first big race this year & my times were about what I expected them to be, considering that I didn’t really train for the past month (check back here for details on that). Here are the Results for the Alta Vista Sports – Top Gun Triathlon 2005.

There was some good stuff, bad stuff and then there’s the beach run!

I have always been a very strong swimmer, and a excellent cyclist, but running just doesn’t do it for me. Or actually, I just don’t do the run. I have just never been a very good runner. At my prime I have done a 6:30 mile, and in training with my brother I can do consecutive 8:30’s. But that is not after biking for 10-20 miles. Oh, well. No excuses.. More training before the next race! No more Mr. fuck off guy, I’m getting down to business and do some training.

I have updated my training schedule, for anyone interested here it is (if your using IE don’t bother). I have added several things to it. Notably my training is broken up into several major blocks that identify the races and dates that I am preparing for. It is then broken down into 2 week incriments because that is how my day-job’s schedule rotates. It actually made it easy to break the training up when looking at it in 2 week chunks.

As for the race, it was as very well organized even that was a lot of fun. I do feel that they could have been a little more up-front about the fact that the second half of the run was in sugar sand. I am not sure what I would do differently, other than wearing socks during the run. The vaseline that I put on my race shoes did a wonderful job of attracting sand and holding it in place so that it could grind into my feet. Damn, I’m glad the run was only 5K, any more than that and I would have hamburger for feet! Other than that it was really really hot. But a very fast course. A fairly smooth swim and a pancake flat bike course. On disapointment, however, was with the

A great race, see you there next year.

Note: I would like to give a big thank you to the best looking race photographer ever, thanks Jenny!

Tri Schedule for 2005

I started on this quite some time ago, & didn’t get around to posting it—oops.

Like I mentioned about getting geared up for this racing season, I have put together an iCal of my races this year. Not that anyone is all that interested in the races that I will be doing, but it is a good list of some of the excellent short course races this summer that I am attending in Central Florida this summer. It can be grabbed here.

And like any good web-developer / geek I have created a (X & D)HTML version of my training schedule. I have broken it down into a “base” schedule and then the following 8 weeks of training that lead up to my first race of the season. in a few weeks I will post the second and third sections of my training this summer. I hope this is usefull to someone – anyone. Drop me a line if you have any questions about this stuff.
2005 training schedule source.

Sand Key Triathlon – Training Programs

While looking through some up comming races in the Tampa – Clearwater- St. Petersburg area I found this “The Sand Key Triathlon Training Program“. While it may seem a little pricey @ $600 it seems to be a fairly complete “one stop shop” for prepairing you for their sprint distance triathlon.

The Sand Key Triathlon is a sprint distance (Swim 1/4 mile — Bike 10 Miles — Run 3.1 Miles) in Clearwater, FL.

The clinic takes you from beginner to well prepaired over the 12 week span. It starts on June 26th and the race is on September 25th 2005. There are weekly seminars as well as weekly group training events. They are also putting on 2 free workshops (July 30 & August 27), if you are not interested in the whole class.

Girl Power Triathlon

As I start to gear up for my triathlon season this summer you will see me writing a lot more here, as was the case last year, about triathlon and fitness in general.

I frequently am asked if there are shorted “female only” triathlons. There are several great series that are put on my Danskin and Reebok that I know women who have competed in and highly reccomend these races. I came across this in an email the other day and thought I would post it here.

These races are (from what I hear) great for women that want to just do a triathlon without the competitiveness that sometimes gets infused into the sport.

Reebok Women’s Triathlons

Danskin Women’s Triathlons

GirlPower Triathlon Series Race #1

300m pool swim – 8 mile bike
2 mile run

Aimed at introducing women of all ages to the sport of triathlon, the GirlPower Triathlon is designed to be a non-intimidating, non-competitive fun environment fostering fun, fitness, and friendship. Remember, the GirlPower Triathlon field will cap at 700 participants.

You Go Girl!

Current Price: $35