Katrina assistance – a Call to Arms

Jason Kottke is blogging that Amazon has decided not to add a donation mechanism to their site for hurricane Katrina.

Pardon me, but that is fucked up! Come on people, WTF? Seriously this can and will impact our entire nation. I mean really… they put up a link for the tsunami disaster relief, but not for this?

Overall it seems that the web has been a little slow up the uptake with this one. When the tsunami hit it was hours into it when links started showing up for donations to the Red Cross. Lets get things moving!

Click here to find an excellent, comprehensive list of Hurricane Katrina charities here.
Please donate to some charity somewhere.

Update: Amazon has a donation link that points here, thanks Jason for getting the attention to this.

Note: Apple also has a link from the iTunes music store for Huricane Katrina relief donations.

Bloggers off the Port Bow !

This morning Rachel made mention about how cool it is to see bloggers in real life. The other night J & I went out to eat and ran into her and Mark @ BellaBrava. It really is neat to put faces to names, especially after my comment several months ago about how the Tampa Bay area blog scene seemed dead. While it’s not quite Los Angeles, New York City or Seattle, it is better than I thought. Look for my blogroll to show up shortly!

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Rachel

Doctored photos in the news

According to an article in CNN last week Katherine Harris, a local bay area politician has been a little upset that some periodicals have been altering her image in their publications to make her seem a little more haggard or just less attractive to sway public opinion. This is not a political statement on my part, I only want to point out, as the article does, that this kind of slander is probably more common than we realize. And it probably happens in both pro and con directions.

We as a society are very biased by physical appearance. It was several months ago that another supervisor at my work was relating the story of a complaintant and in the story he said something to the effect that she (the complaintant) was describing her mistreatment. She said, “… and I am a very attractive woman. I wouldn’t like to see how they are treating other people.”

This supervisor was almost offended that she said something this blatant and almost conceited this but it came as absolutely no shock to me. From my experience this is how the world works. beautiful people have less obstacles set in their way, beautiful people get preferential treatment everywhere.

Go sit in a coffee shop or a restaurant and watch how people interact with better looking (read: more attractive) people. This permeates society. I only give one example here but go out and people watch, observe the behavior patterns. Watch yourself when you interact with others become cognizant of how you behave and conduct yourself.

This is real stuff and I’m not even sure that a heightened awareness can curb this effect. But here’s trying.

Be excellent to each other.

CNN.com – Harris: Papers doctored makeup in photos – Aug 4, 2005

Admonishing Spammers

Tim Bray over @ Ongoing got a bit of spam the other day and did a little background checking on who is playing games. Here is the write-up on what he found.

Sunlit Spammers

I for one feel that every spammer’s personal email and home address should be veraciously ferretted out and published for anyone to see. Then They should be doused in boiling tar, feathered, cut into small bits and fed to fire ants over several days. Not that I am bitter or anything. 😉

London 07-07-2005

I would like to extend my deepest condolences to those who’s lives the recent terror attacks in London have touched.

Keith Robinson points to a post from Richard Rutter where he references on of the key effects that the 9-11 attacks had on the American society.

So thanks then, terrorists. You’ve just succeeded in bringing the families of millions of Londoners that bit closer together, giving them an increased love of their city and an enhanced appreciation of their way of life.