Girl Talk @ Jannus Live –

From the show on 2022 Dec 09

I recently had the opportunity to see Girl Talk in concert for a second time. The first time I saw them was 12 years ago at this same venue (Jannus Landing, St Pete, FL) and I was once again blown away by their performance. Girl Talk, aka, Greg Gillis, expertly blended together a variety of different songs to create a frenetic and energetic set.

Girl Talk invites a random group of attendees on stage at every concert helping to bring alive the total dance party feel of his shows. 

Throughout the night, Girl Talk kept the energy high with an expertly crafted mix of old and new hits, cleverly weaving together an unexpected variety of genres to create a sound that was all their own. The lighting and visuals were also impressive, and the confetti cannon just added to the energy and overall atmosphere of the concert.

Gillis consistently dropped the right mix of hip-hop and rock to keep the crowd excited, and the buzz of the audience was palpable with every genre twist. 

Overall, 12 years later, Girl Talk’s performance was every bit as much fun as I remembered it to be. They kept the crowd moving and entertained throughout the entire night. It’s not often that you get to see a DJ of this caliber, and it was truly a treat. I only hope it won’t be another 12 years before I see him preform again.

Photos of Fifth On the Floor @ Crum’s Bar

Last night I went out to hang to Crum’s Bar to hang out with AutopsyIV of fame and see Fifth on the Floor play. Some great sounds from the band and Matty Rodgers (guitars, mandolin, harmonica, vocals) was killing it with some really unexpected chops on the guitar. They’re playing again tonight. If you’ve not been to Crum’s Bar (65 craft beers on tap) and are looking for something to do, go check it out. In the meantime, check out some photos…

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A Couple More Concerts

I happened to be in St Petersburg for a couple of concerts that I wanted to see, Have Gun Will Travel and also Vascular Symphony. They were completely different shows at completely different venues. Have Gun was playing at The Local 662, a venue specifically set up for small to medium-sized concerts; where as, the Emerald, where VS played, is a pretty cool dive bar that doubles as a venue for smaller local acts. Both fun places to see shows, it was just interesting to see two shows in one night at two disparately themed venues. Ok, enough running my mouth, I’ll leave that for the local music bloggers to cover.

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It’s been a damn long time

I don’t know why, but I haven’t been finding the time amidst my traveling and photography-ing to actually make a post of any sort here. That being said, I’m going to put some effort back into this site so… here are a few shots from the NineBullets concert back in May for AutopsyIV’s birthday party/concert. It was an amazing (and amazingly loud) show, great music, as always great people, & a great crowd.


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