Omniweb, my new favorite browser

I just stated using Omniweb 5.5 yesterday.

I have to say it is a very nice experience! it is very stable, offers rendering that is exactly the same as Safari, an excellent interface with the best (and unique) application of tabs, ok it’s more like thumbnails, that I have ever seen. And many other very useful and unique features, like automatically saving your current browsing session so that if you quit Omniweb you can come right back to where you left off. It has add-blocking built in. And you can set site specific preferences, so if you like to view a certain website with large text, or only allow certain javascript functions, or have the browser identify itself to a certain website as some other web browser like IE, Firefox, or just Safari.

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is an online speed reading application that I came across a few weeks ago. It is a really neat flash application that you paste some text into and the will scroll the words across the screen at whatever rate you set. I have always been frustrated by how slowly I read but I was pleasantly surprised by how fast I could comfortably cruise through text in this format (about 600wpm!). I have no idea if this is comparatively fast, but it seemed like quite a feat for me.

Side Note: Anybody looking for a good speed-reading course I have heard good things about Photoreading. It’s pricey, but you get a discount throught the site that I have linked to. – online speed reading application

Websites as graphs

web2dna imageI was playing around a while ago with the idea of purchasing one of those DNA posters; I have always thought they were really cool looking. I still haven’t gotten over the price of those things, but I did find someone who thoght that was equally cool and made a web program that converts your website into a similar DNA like design. It does this by evaluating the ammount of images and text on the pages and pumping it through some algorithm. Really beautiful, go check it out. Here is what mine looks like.

As a side note the creator of the Web2DNA project also pointed to a webpage that turns your website into a graph, also neat but not as colorful. And again ,here is mine

Web Color Experimentation

This is nothing fancy, but it was built out of necessity. I am working on a web project with the illustrious Ken Lemieux. He is doing the identity package for this company and I am doing the web design. He asked me if I knew of any pages that allowed a visitor to enter color values so that they could simulate what it would look like on a web-page. I didn’t know of any so I threw together something with a few dashes of PHP and here we go.

It is neither full featured of complete, but it is a tool that I feel others could use. And with that, I unleash it upon the world. Let me know what you think.

The JZ – Color Tester