The 600 Block Party

When I first got to the 600 Block Party around 6:30’ish there was a good amount of people mulling around, the police had the block shut down and still I was hesitant to walk in the middle of the street out of habit. Wandering around a bit as the sun went down and DJ Mega started livening everyone up with some music I got my self into the “block party” groove. The evening’s party culminated with an amazing fashion show produced by several of the designers on the 600 block (MISRED Outfitters , All Sewn Up Boutique, 1 of 1 Customs with Rasta, House of Merch, and more).

Thoroughly, an amazing evening with, ridiculous turn out, packed venues, hot models, exceptional fashions? you get the idea. This was what First Friday (the monthly downtown block party here in St Petersburg, FL) really should be!

Read about the 600 Block Party on Creative Loafing’s website or  click here to view my full set of my photos from the evening.

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Jimmy Buffett @ The Ford Amphitheater

20,000’ish Parrot Heads, 12 minutes, 3 songs… When I showed up at the Amphitheater all I kept thinking was, “damn, that’s a lot of people”. When I walked into the venue to photo the allotted 3 songs, all I kept thinking was, “no? THAT is a lot of people!”

I’d never been to the Amphitheater before so my surprise at the size of the venue and crowd was kinda understandable. However, what I should have been better prepared for was the amount of costuming that Buffett fans bring out. The sheer number of shirts with floral patterns and “Florida’ish” paraphernalia was staggering. I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so many people drinking Corona© in one place. Some of the people had been there “tailgating” for the show most of the day!

Anyway? on to the photos. You can read a review of the show at Creative Loafing’s blog.

More photos after the jump, and the full set is available here.

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Arctic Monkeys @ The Ritz

This was a really fun show, not only to shoot but getting to hang out with a lot of really cool people during and after the show. The opening band, Sleepy Sun, was a bit “jam band” ‘ish for my tastes. They looked great and people seemed to be into them, but anyway, Arctic Monkeys came on a more than made up for it.

Afterwards I wandered over to Orpheum after some urging from my friends and checked out El Ten Eleven. I was really surprised, they were really good. They had really unique and interesting style. Although they sound quite differently from the songs I’ve found online, you should check them out next time they come through.

Update: I found this article on the Creative Loafing site which has this video, it kinda gives you some idea what they’re like.

Update 2: Check out the article on El Ten Eleven’s show on Creative Loafing’s music page.

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