Dali Photos, a photo essay

I was contacted by the Sarah Gerard and Mitzi Gordon from The Dali Museum of St Petersburg about photographing their portion of Creative Loafing’s Sensory Overload event several weeks ago. They were going to do a temporary art installation in the form of a Dali inspired fashion show and performance art. To say that I was a little excited to do this is really denying my inner tendency for hyperbole.

Over the evening of shooting the Dali’s exhibit at Creative Loafing’s Sensory Overload party) I met some awesome people and had a great time. I’d like to give props to Mitzi Gordon for all of her hard work organizing the exhibit, the designers Ivanka Ska, Aleka Pheonix, Ungala and all of the performers including the staff from the Dali Museum, the dancers from USF and University of Tampa, and Hillsborough Community College and everyone else involved. You were all amazing to work with!

I had to wait a little while to post my take on the evening so that the Dali could get first exposure on the entire set of photos from the evening and Creative Loafing could run with the photos that I took while wandering around with their street team after the Sensory overload party was over.

And with that, I give you my photographic story of the evening?

Related photos: The complete photo set that I provided The Dali Museum here, the street photos that I provided to Creative Loafing here, or view the whole set here.

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Arctic Monkeys @ The Ritz

This was a really fun show, not only to shoot but getting to hang out with a lot of really cool people during and after the show. The opening band, Sleepy Sun, was a bit “jam band” ‘ish for my tastes. They looked great and people seemed to be into them, but anyway, Arctic Monkeys came on a more than made up for it.

Afterwards I wandered over to Orpheum after some urging from my friends and checked out El Ten Eleven. I was really surprised, they were really good. They had really unique and interesting style. Although they sound quite differently from the songs I’ve found online, you should check them out next time they come through.

Update: I found this article on the Creative Loafing site which has this video, it kinda gives you some idea what they’re like.

Update 2: Check out the article on El Ten Eleven’s show on Creative Loafing’s music page.

More photos after the jump.
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Down By Law @ The Emerald

Half by accident I wound up at The Emerald bar Friday night. I had been told that Down By Law was playing but completely forgot and just headed down there because one of my friends asked me to come out. I almost didn’t go in because of some personal garbage, but I’m damn glad that I did, it was an awesome show!

I’ve been a Down By Law fan for a long time and it was so cool to see them in a venue as small as The Emerald. Good times, and thanks the best bluegrass, punk, thrash metal musician I know, Chris, for dragging me out of my work cocoon for the evening.

Click on the band for more photos of the show!


Down By Law (click for more)