A Couple More Concerts

I happened to beĀ in St Petersburg for a couple of concerts that I wanted to see, Have Gun Will Travel and also Vascular Symphony. They were completely different shows at completely different venues. Have Gun was playing at The Local 662, a venue specifically set up for small to medium-sized concerts; where as, the Emerald, where VS played, is a pretty cool dive bar that doubles as a venue for smaller local acts. Both fun places to see shows, it was just interesting to see two shows in one night at two disparately themed venues. Ok, enough running my mouth, I’ll leave that for the local music bloggers to cover.

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It’s All About You … and the Emerald

My next art show opens this Friday at the Emerald Bar in St Petersburg, FL. Coincidently it’s also George’s birthday!

If you’ve been to the Emerald and seen me there with my camera, changes are that I’ve shot your picture at some point. Come out & see if you’re on the wall. There’s 30 feet of photos & Justin Grant throwin out some awesome music.


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Down By Law @ The Emerald

Half by accident I wound up at The Emerald bar Friday night. I had been told that Down By Law was playing but completely forgot and just headed down there because one of my friends asked me to come out. I almost didn’t go in because of some personal garbage, but I’m damn glad that I did, it was an awesome show!

I’ve been a Down By Law fan for a long time and it was so cool to see them in a venue as small as The Emerald. Good times, and thanks the best bluegrass, punk, thrash metal musician I know, Chris, for dragging me out of my work cocoon for the evening.

Click on the band for more photos of the show!


Down By Law (click for more)